Marble Surface
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Marble Surface

About the Brand

Homun was founded in December 2020 by two young entrepreneurs with a strong passion for fashion and sustainability.

Their goal was to create a sustainable and high-quality clothing brand made in Italy.


The brand is an expression of the founders’ core

values of respect for the environment as well as the dignity and safety of all workers.


Hence, Homun has focused on rethinking the whole production chain, following sustainability policies in the choice of raw materials, suppliers, collaborators and partners.

Homun’s vision is based on a strong, simple and important idea: every daily gesture has an impact on the environment and on our future.


For this reason, it is essential to keep in mind the consequences of our actions in the choices we make every day.


Fast Fashion has had a dramatic impact on our planet, and now,

more than ever it is time to change! Homun is designed for a better future.


Because change can happen and WE can drive it.

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 Must Haves HOMUN

Our basic white tee, with clean lines and a classic crew neck.


The fabric is jersey worked for unique softness and texture

100% organic and GOTS certified cotton / Ultra soft high quality knitted jersey Hypoallegenic and gentle on the skin / Water digital printing



A life cycle assessment conducted by the Global Organic Textile standards shows that on average this organic cotton reduces blue water consumption by 91% and energy demand by 42%.


This fabric does not contain chemicals that are dangerous for the environment or humans. Made and manufactured in Italy with Italian fabrics.


Collection Inspiration

Homun is the result of passion for nature and is a perfect mix of beauty, style and high-quality products with a sustainable production that is enti- rely plastic-free and made using exclusively eco-friendly fabrics.

Buying HOMUN means investing in the future of our country and our planet, it means supporting young entrepreneurs and small Made in Italy companies but, above all, it means being aware that each of our actions has enormous consequences and only by acting in in a responsible man- ner we can aspire to a greener, more sustainable and, above all, more human future.

 HOMUN SS 22 Preview