Marble Surface
Marble Surface

About the Brand

Created from the heart, her shoes express the inner soul of a woman, her warmth, sexuality, harmony, temptation, power and love. By pushing the boundaries and not ‘playing it safe’, she strikes the perfect balance between classic design and a twist of artistic flair. Lana Volkov shoes are for the ‘fearless woman, who takes the stand’. Her designs exude boldness, beauty and elegance. The designer aspires to make women feel confident, sensual and on top of the world in timeless, chic shoes, that express themselves through a distinctive and unique blend of varying colours, textures, accessories and exotic materials. Each design has personal symbolism and sentiment.

 Must Haves Lana Volkov

Electra was influenced by the female form and expresses strength, simplicity and confidence. The tassel represents freedom and movement. The chosen electric blue colour demonstrates power, excitement and mystery.


  • Composition: Available in Patent, Suede and Nappa Leathers 

  • Detachable Tassel

  • Available in various colours

  • 105mm Heel

  • Sizes: 35-42 with half sizes

Electra Snake Ayers

For the perfect special occasion style, opt for these luxurious and exotic snakeskin leather Electra sandals available in gold or silver.  

These glamorous sandals feature a carefully positioned ankle strap for a leg lengthening effect, an adjustable side buckle fastening, a curvaceous front toe strap, a 105mm stiletto heel and a leather sole. Slide the signature tassel through the X to add a touch of flair. The tassel consists of a combination of snakeskin, nappa and patent leathers.


Made in Italy


  • Composition: Ayers Snake Reptile Leather 

  • Detachable Tassel

  • Available in various colours

  • 105mm Heel

Collection Inspiration

"I am inspired by all and anything that the surrounding world offers - the sunshine in the morning, the colour of the flowers or the little market stalls, the streets of 'old Italy' and the 'mad' designs of the 'new generation' of artists...inspiration is very fluid and dynamic.  Anything can be a trigger for a new design idea, whether it’s something I experience, or touch, maybe something I see or even a fleeting emotion. Design is a rich tapestry made of sensory and intellectual experiences.


Things do not have to be epic and big to make an impression on our hearts. They can be like a photo shoots - just some moments of life which for one or another reason 'jumped' out and stayed with you…” Says Lana 


Lana Volkov creates enticing and bold collections, where intricate and modern artisanal techniques have been used to create each shoe. Produced in Italy, using the finest quality materials. Lana is an advocate for producing comfortable and well made shoes. Lana designs shoes to become a part of a women’s life “they are precious accent pieces to their elegance, energy and femininity ” she says. 

Each creation possesses a profound and sophisticated personality, a quality that pushes the boundaries of the finest Italian craftsmanship, ensuring an impeccable comfortable touch. Lana explores unique and innovative textile application processes, uses specific combinations of quality materials, utilises bold colour combinations, tests new lasts and offers customisation options and signature design detailing. 

Lana Volkov designs shoes with the intention of making captivating and desirable footwear, where each pair created compliments the feet and legs of a woman and makes her feel confident and beautiful. 

Lana Volkov SS21 Preview