Marble Surface
Marble Surface

About the Brand

A small artisan workshop where everyone puts their art and their know-how into play, creates these particular shoes that carry a message of strength, that strength that the ancient ancestors offered to their land hoping for a flourishing harvest, and a message of beauty that is configured in every form of art. Whether they are clogs for free time or sensual sandals, suitable for use at any time of the day or for a fun summer cocktail, all have the particularity of being unique and unrepeatable, different even between right and left, unique because they subvert the rules of banal standardization offered by “industrial” fashion, unique because they are dedicated to women who do not undress because they do not need to use their bodies to assert themselves.

 Must Haves Le Gabrielle
Urban Me&You

Low closed clogs with black pony skin strap with flex insert

  • Heel height cm. 4 

  • Height varies according to n.

  • Sizes: 36-46

Urban 70’s White&Black

Low closed crossover white clogs in sheepskin/clogs in genuine leather and black pony with flex insert

  • Heel height 4 cm

  • length varies according to the n.

  • Sizes: 36-46

Urban Aretè

Clogs sandal in real pearly cream-colored leather with flex insert

  • Heel height 6.5 cm

  • length varies according to the n.

  • Sizes: 36-46

Collection Inspiration

All “guilt” of ancient family photos if Gabriella Sala, founder of Le Gabrielle, applies to a thorough research on local traditions of Como Lake Italy, famous area of Lombardy (northern Italy), bringing his attention to the clogs, shoes used by local peasants until a recent past. Her research, which also has an inner value, is combined with art, creativity, the uniqueness of a craftsmanship of excellence, the high quality of precious raw materials, giving rise to shoes unique in the world that want to spread a message of strength and beauty. A passionate team of different professionals, led by the enterprising founder, launches the clogs of art “Le Gabrielle”. For the first time art is in fashion, depicting the usual duality that exists in every person, especially in those who live every minute of their lives with all the grit and passion to devote to the wonderful gift of their existence, despite all the pros and cons, the pains and joys, love and hatred, sadness and happiness, being strong enough to overcome any difficulty and so fragile as to sometimes feel like flower petals.

Le Gabrielle SS21 Preview