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Marble Surface
NH ALRABIAH SS 23 Collection Video

NH ALRABIAH SS 23 Collection Video

Marble Surface

About the Brand

NH ALRABIAH is founded by two sisters Nora & Haya AlRabiah in 2020, named after their initials & last name.

NH is inspired by timeless art woven in every aspect of our lives combined with individuality and the simple, elegant and unequivocal beauty of every woman. 

NH ALRABIAH is an all-women team.

NH stands for empowerment, diversity & equality.

The brand is coming straight from Kuwait in the Middle East to women everywhere.

Each piece has an inspiration & a story. NH provides women with the luxury & art they deserve.

NH ALRABIAH is a brand inspired by Nora & Haya’s passion to

empower women to make clothing choices significantly contribute to their confidence, raise their self-esteem, and help propel them to success both in the workplace and at home among family and friends.

Nora & Haya realize that every sketch idea needs a vision and a focused strategy in order to be successfully executed.

Therefore, their vision for their Kuwaiti brand is to penetrate in every market and improve women’s purchasing habits all over the world.

The brand mission is to give every woman the ability to showcase her beauty that is unique and everlasting through fashion that is created with nothing but quality and talent. Each piece will be created with integrity and excellence.

Premium Quality

The Company source high end clothing products and manufacture each product with experienced partners who specialize in producing high-end clothing.


A feminine and cosmopolitan dress inspired by the Manatthan 5th Avenue 


The iconic dress inspired by a confident woman having a coffe in Central Park 

New FW '23 '24 Collection Inspiration

Saddle Collection


This fall-winter collection is inspired by the beauty of the countryside especially country private clubs where people gather in a place where they share similar hobbies and interests. As everyone knows saddle is the seat fastened on the back of the horse which expresses this collection very well, saddle design is elegant and has a unique beauty just like the horses that wear it, horses have their own glory that adds to the person that’s riding it. The horses represent elegance, beauty, strength, and comfort. And that’s what are we connecting with people in this collection elegance, beauty, and strength, four classic qualities that never die in a woman. This collection has different designs for different tastes, yet they all combine the four elements, some designs inspired by the outfit of horsewoman horse riders or horse contestants. 


With some elements from the past knights added to our modern looks. Some from the ranches, countryside cowboy-inspired, and the indigenous people's style contributed a lot in creating the styles, we see today and for many years gone and coming. Others are inspired by the luxury lifestyle people enjoy in a country club with all its elegance and lavish environment gathering and socializing at a fancy restaurant or a party. 

The colors are taken from these inspirations that can come together by representing them with one-word “Saddle”, beige brown navy blue black, grey, white, and red. Those colors you can see a lot in horse riding contests. Horse or the saddle or the woman’s outfit or makeup and nail glam. We all heard the phrase “Saddle up” which means getting ready to go somewhere or do something. To have the courage to follow your dreams and get what you want in life. That is what the Saddle Collection represents and sends a message to our women this fall and winter season.

NH ALRABIAH FW '23 '24 Collection Preview
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