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Fully designed and created by the Venetian artist , this hand - crafted bracelet has a functional and delicate locking system. Realized in various shades , the woven clasp of this jewel closes a sequence of circles and more sophisticated elements.


  • Bracelet.


  • Size: Small: cm 24 - Medium : cm 25 

  • Washing instructions: clean with a damp cloth.

  • The elements are handmade with nylon thread and mounted on a 7 mm steel cable.

  • All the materials used are certified and originating from the European community.

  • Colors:

    • nero - beige - bronzo

    • salmon pink - beige - light bronze

    • blu - light blue - beige 

    • white - beige - gold 

    • light green - olive green - beige

    • Nude-beige gold




For this product, if the 30 day shipping is requested it is mandatory to choose as payment method: bank transfer - 100% at proforma invoice.


SKU: B 803
  • When you place your online order and confirm it with ELLE DD, you don’t have to make any payment. Once each brand receives your order, they will send the pro-forma invoice to you. At this moment, you need to pay 30% of the total order. The remaining 70% of the total order has to be paid before the shipment of the brands’ products. 

    If you choose ‘other’ as payment option, please complete the special requests section.

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