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Marble Surface

ELLE DD Showroom collections

The choice of the logo that represents and supports the name of the brand, the sun, is actually a coincidence that we tell you. Defined as the Vergina sun, this symbol is found on the golden casket placed in the tombs of the kings of the ancient Macedonian kingdom, a casket unearthed in 1977 in Vergina during archaeological excavations by Professor Manolis Andronikos. Professor Manolis Andronikos attributes the belonging of the casket to King PHILIP II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great the "conqueror", where the resourcefulness and skills of conductor are reflected in our ALESSANDRO MARRO, who without being aware of this anedoct, 18 years ago,  drew and got tattooed on his body a star with his initials inside and guess what?.... Exactly a sixteen-pointed star.