Marble Surface
Marble Surface

About the Brand

Creativity, professionalism and Made in Italy are the trademark of To Be 212. To those who choose To Be 212 we offer a unique fashion product, of quality and with attention to the smallest details, which testifies to Italian craftsmanship excellence. Our company has been working for years and based on the processing of hides from the raw product (hides) to the finished product (leather jackets for men and women) all our products are treated in detail, our company also relies on some servers that produce for us garments in clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and also outerwear mixed leather and fabric where we have another brand for clothing. We have worked and worked for various PRIVATE LABELS such as LORIBLU -HANNA MOORE -GAZZARINI and others. Our guarantee is based on the professionalism and guarantee of MADE in Italy.

 Must Haves TO BE 212
George Painted

Leather bomber jacket with wool cuffs wool neck sweater


  • Slim fit

  • Soft lux nappa article with digital designs on the sleeve and back

  • Internal composition 100% viscose lining with profile

B France

Leather kiodo  with cross-stitched zipper with sponge on front and behind carre


  • Article nappa soft scraped with hand treatment

  • Slim fit

  • Internal lining 100% viscose

Kiodo Masha

Kiodo in leather with transverse closure with zip and belt at the waist


  • Article nappa laminated rasped with skin-side treatment

  • Internal composition 100% viscose lining inside profile

Collection Inspiration

Our ideal is to reevaluate manual skills as a cultural and artistic heritage, capable of contributing to the creation of valuable craftsmanship products that can be appreciated all over the world. ToBe 212 was born in 2001 from an idea by Tobia Montefusco, born in Solofra and raised within the Tanning District among the most important in Italy for the production of high quality leather. A crucial aspect for understanding his personality is the observation of a respectful dream of moral and economic dignity of the craftsman who, fueling his ideals, becomes the direction of a gaze constantly turned to the development and knowledge of the manual skills of his city. The Solofrano district specializes in the production of sheep and goat skins for clothing, footwear and leather goods and is famous above all for making the leathers for the most famous jacket in the world, the one worn by Michael Jackson in the Thriller video (source Regione Campania).

TO BE 212 SS21 Preview

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