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Marble Surface
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Marble Surface

About the Brand

In 2015, one woman’s determination to overcome a series of hurdles that took her from struggle to strength, giving birth to a brand new female focused company – one that would, at its heart, combine style, comfort, and sustainable design with a tribute to the past, and a celebration of the future.

In 2015 Czarina, originally from India, found herself suddenly single and living in Australia, after ending her relationship of 10 years to a man with wandering eyes. She had two children to provide for and found herself facing a number of other hurdles that seemed impossible to overcome. Instead of returning home Czarina met those challenges head on and, with a combination of hard work and determination, used her situation to propel her towards a greater purpose.

Working long hours and days, whilst managing production for other already established brands, Czarina focused her attention, outside of her 9-5, on creating a company with values that were aligned with her own. With the vision of incorporating her own Indian heritage with a western aesthetic she created her first collection of Kaftan’s by way of India and brand Czarina was born. 

Within 2 years, her project of passion became her full time gig, and her life her own again.

The Heart of the Company


Czarina is comfort, style, and a modern take on heritage all rolled into beautifully designed, sustainably created, and ethically produced pieces for women of any age and shape. At Czarina our focus is on the heart of the company. We love what we do, are proud of what we design and create, and put our heart and soul into our brand so that our wearers feel confident, sexy, feminine, and comfortable when wearing our kaftans and other pieces. The heart of our company begins with the people with whom we work. Our initial mission was to produce as sustainably as possible, in factories where we could control the quality of work life for those that chose to share in our mission. Our pieces are manufactured solely in our own factory located in India, where the people that work for us are treated with fairness, equality, and respect and are paid in fair wage.

 Must Haves CZARINA

Collection Inspiration

Welcome to Czarina 2024. Where the new world we dream turn into reality and comes to life through an endless array of vibrant prints, hypnotic styles and unforgettable designs. 

Swept into a series of collections that are the ultimate summer dream, crafted on luxurious fabrics such as pure silk, silk blends and linen. 


Czarina creates the ultimate wardrobe for unforgettable dream holidays to exotic locations, or to add a powerful edge to your every-day wardrobe. 

 Czarina New Collection Preview