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Marble Surface


Marble Surface

About the Brand

Founded in 1976, JA LE Konfeksiyon established itself as a prominent company specializing in women's loungewear under the brand "JALE." Over the years, it grew from a small workshop to a sprawling factory of 7000 square meters in Istanbul.

Built upon the expertise and knowledge accumulated through the years, JA LE continues to shape the Turkish bridal loungewear industry and maintain its status as a leading company.


In 2023, the company established a new venture in the realm of loungewear design with the launch of "Janette".

This new brand represents the culmination of over 45 years of experience, with  JA LE's third generation entrusted to pass on their legacy to the next, aiming to embody a bold, stylish, elegant, sophisticated, confident yet innovative image of women.


Creating a new brand and expanding internationally has long been a goal for the company. However, it was Janet YERUSALMI, the namesake behind the brand, who turned this dream into reality. With an unwavering commitment to attention to detail in her personal style, extending even to loungewear, Janet epitomizes the ethos of Janette — a brand designed for women who seek a balance between environmental consciousness and self-expression, valuing sustainability while exuding understated luxury in their product choices.


Janette's mission is to bring a revolutionary approach to the loungewear industry with its unique design touches, sustainable fabrics and exquisite patterns. Positioned as a brand that resonates with women who appreciate quality and aspire to a lifestyle that aligns with their values,


Janette is determined to bring a fresh perspective to the world of loungewear.

 Must Haves Janette
Gradient Long Shirt