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Marble Surface
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TOS Tosca Soraya Otten

TOS Tosca Soraya Otten

Marble Surface

About the Brand

After having worked in the fashion industry for years, and having lived all over the world, TOS owner Tosca Soraya Otten saw an opportunity: Creating fashion that complements not only people, but also the environment and nature.

‘Fashion has a big impact onhow we feel about ourselves.

So let fashion work for us and honor the environment and nature at the same time.’

Whilst working on several layers of the fashion industry, from fast fashion in Shanghai to presenting couture in Paris, Tosca saw the importance of meaningful fashion.

She saw what a strong impact fashion can have on people.

Not only on our self-image, but also on how we see each other and how we look at society.

Nature has made a world that is built upon variety.

We have seasons, biodiversity, landscapes, plants, oceans and even microscopic universes.

On top of that, every human being is unique.

Which is incredible thinking that there are billions of us.

We have our own unique personalities, body-types, visions and talents. In other words; our world being a collective of endless diversity that’s still in balance, is exactly what nature is about.

Tosca believes that this endless variety in nature, is also the only logic approach when we decide to create.

When translating this into fashion, this means to create with different body types, skin tones, hair types and cultural backgrounds in mind.

It means creating by following the unwritten laws of nature: sharing the incredible beauty of diversity.

This belief in multiformity applies to Tosca’s designer label TOS, created in Amsterdam in late 2016. The label is build around paintings she makes, from her own fantasy, combined with her knowledge of ‘savoir faire’ that she gained in Paris. The brand is about stories, not seasons.

And every collection is designed from a painting that has been translated to fabric, colours and shapes.

The pieces of Tosca Soraya Otten are completely developed and produced in The Netherlands, France, Italy and Belgium. There is no stock and no pre-production. The entire focus is creating in a completely harmless way, as much as possible. Inspired by nature.

TOS Must Haves  
SIRENA 90x90


One of the first paintings ever created by the designer, when she still

worked at home, in her livingroom.

Fine art print on silk twill.

Available in two sizes:



GOTS certified print

handstitched rollhem

  • Colors combination: lilac, red, blue, emerald green, soft pink, ecru

  • Details: Luxurious silk twill, digital print, hand stitched finishings, made in Italy (label included)

TOS New Collection Preview

Collection Inspiration 


The world is a magical place, a beautiful place and nature is the biggest inspiration imaginable.

Next to imaginary worlds that is.

Life is something precious and it all started in our oceans.

And our oceans aren’t doing well...that’s why for every scarf sold, we will make a donation to The Ocean clean up,

a fellow-Dutch institution fighting to clean our oceans.

Because to keep our planet alive, we need to care about her. Mermaids for life.