Marble Surface
Marble Surface

About the Brand

TOS gallery does not do pre-production, does not design seasonally, selects its manufacturers strictly to high quality and sustainability standards and chooses inspiring, diverse and healthy models and ambassadors to collaborate with. The brand loves customized designs and creates on demand, in low quantities.

The brand spirit is about one strong mindset: Stories, not seasons.

 Must Haves TOS Gallery
Sirena Pochette
  • Size: 20 cm x 20 cm

  • Colours: lilac, red, blue, emerald green, soft pink, ecru

  • Details: Luxurious silk twill, digital print, hand stitched finishings, made in Italy (label included)

Collection Inspiration

TOS gallery was founded in late 2016, by Tosca Soraya Otten, a Dutch/Indonesian ambitious girl with large dreams. Dreams that have led her to chase them all over the globe. Having lived and worked in Shanghai, San Francisco, Paris and Amsterdam, this fashion adventure became more and more of an awareness: fashion, that wonderful fantasyworld of beauty and craftsmanship, is really damaging to the world. Not just to the environment and animals, but also to people, physically as well as mentally. Just for something as ordinary as covering our skin. Not oke. TOS gallery is aware of this need for change, and wants to spread good energy with its fantastical collections. By consciously and thoroughly choosing the right elements that built the brand, TOS gallery is breaking free from the impossible demands of the fashion industry. 

TOS Gallery FW '21'22 Preview