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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

About the Brand

Mr. Enjoy is an Italian Man Fashion Brand, completely devoted to the Italian design and craftsmanship. In autumn 2018, we decided to transform our impressions and perspectives into reality regarding men fashion style. We have always been fascinated by clothes with peculiar details, which make them unique and immediately recognizable. Our philosophy is based on the revision of iconic pieces of the manwear, such as shirts, jackets, and pants, by applying contemporary details, making them original. After a long research regarding fabrics, styles, details and trimming, we chose to proceed to the creation of exclusive Made in Italy dresses, which reflect our philosophy.

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 Must Haves Mr. Enjoy
Denim Vintage Shirts

Denim Shirts are an evergreen of the men wardrobe, and Mr. Enjoy decides to innovate this classical men's cloth. We decide to offer cotton denim shirts in order to create a piece that can be used in every season of the year. In order to innovate the traditional style and fitting of the denim shirts, we added two front gothic pockets, a particular motif on the back, and peculiar automatic marble buttons. Thanks to these details, the shirts result innovative and attractive for men who like enjoying life. We offer this piece in three different colors: light blue, blue navy, and black and a limited edition black shirt with red marble buttons. 

Linen V Collar Shirts

There is no summer without linen! According to our philosophy, we decided to adapt the traditional linen fiber to a new innovative shirt design, a V collar one. We decided to insist on innovation by utilizing a striped linen fabric. In this way, men can wear a soft and transpirable linen shirt, but simultaneously they do not neglect style and design. We decided to propose these shirts in three different colors, such as light blue, blue and beige, all with white vertical stripes.

Cuban Shirts

Summer is often associated with the ideas of sun and sea. For this piece, we have been inspired by the Caribbean atmospheres, and their relaxed mood. One of our favourite natural elements is the sea, and our main passion is travelling. Therefore,  as a result of our passion for the Caribbean culture, we decided to design a shirt inspired by that atmosphere. Cuban shirts are made of linen, and this lights fabric highlights the relaxed mood of the shirt. However, the most important features of these shirts are their V-collar and the presence of buttons covered by velvet, handcrafted in Italy. We decided to present these shirts in three colors, such as orange, white, and night blue.

Collection Inspiration

Summer is a synonym of relax, and research of pleasure in all the fields. Mr. Enjoy always addresses men who are able to enjoy life in all its aspects, and our brand interprets this research of pleasure through its Spring Summer 2021 collection. Summer pleasure coincides with soft fabrics and leisure fits, and our collection is composed of flexible fibers, such as linen and pique cotton, which grant softness and pleasure. However, style and elegance have always to be remembered, and our refined designs provide men with sophisticated and innovative pieces. Therefore, Mr. Enjoy spring summer 2021 collection combines the research of pleasure and elegance, in order to satisfy men who are capable of simultaneously enjoying leisure and style.

Mr. Enjoy New Collection Preview