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Marble Surface
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Marble Surface

About the Brand

Revisiting a classic menswear staple keeping the cut, the rich fabrics and refined details unchanged is the major aspiration of the designer, who blends Made in Italy sartorial tradition with a unique product.The choice of the materials is a key factor that determines the quality and beauty of every Italian Family garment. For this reason, quality standards are extremely high, always ahead of the times and always on the hunt for innovative production techniques. Each product is a limited edition, all made in Italy and all made in Family.

 Must Haves Dasha S. Kandinsky
Bomber Oversize

  • Zipper 

  • Pockets

  • Lining

  • Brand Embroidery

  • Colors: Grey, Black

  • Composition: Fabric: 90% Cotton -10% Elastane; Composition Printed Part: 50% Cotton - 50% Polyester

Collection Inspiration

«I really like how painting behaves on a living moving fabric. And I was surprised to find that working with a template is no less complex, creative and requiring understanding of the composition process than working with a canvas. It is necessary to capture a very subtle harmony in order for the painting to live and breathe inside the garment. This is a challenging but insanely interesting task. For me fashion is not so much an industry but a way of thinking and feeling. This is hedonism and drug... If an artist can express himself by what he does with a canvas or an object, then a person who is also overwhelmed by the unspoken, but the canvas is not his instrument, can do this through his own image. Visual Actionism. The same kind of art. And he's his own canvas.»

Dasha S. Kandinsky New Collection Preview