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SKCreations Video

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About the Brand

Founded on a love of sewing and a passion for textiles, SKCreations, LLC marries designer Sharon A. Keyser's love of texture and bold, vibrant colors with functional, timeless fashion design.  


The products feature original artworks by the designer, with themes that uplift in their message.  SKCreations, LLC's mission is to provide high quality, sustainably made, ready-to-wear apparel and accessories to those who desire fashion that expresses their uniqueness and love for creativity.


We want to help people look good and feel good about themselves.


Sharon’s personal style has always been that of originality.  To quote the designer, “I am drawn to things that are unique.  I appreciate some of the trends, but I usually prefer fashion and accessories that don’t look like those you see among the masses.  


Most of this is inherent, but also influenced by my upbringing.  I always admired the style of the women in my family, especially my grandmother.  She made even simple clothing look fashionable and sophisticated.  To add to that, I am so thankful that my great-grandmother taught me to sew at a young age.  Having that skill allowed me to design outfits that were uniquely me.”


The design themes found in the brand’s collections are focused on positivity.  They convey messages that will inspire, because not only are our products very important to us, so are the people who wear them. 

SKCreations, LLC_The Sharon Keyser Collection_ New Dawn 1 Velvet Satin Wrap Blazer and Pan
 Must Haves SKCreations
The Infinity Athleisure Wear Collection

The Collection includes activewear featuring the original Infinity artworks by artist Sharon A.

Keyser, Founder and Owner of SKCreations, LLC.

The design spotlights the infinity symbol, which expresses the concept of something that is unlimited, endless, and without bound.


The artist believes that we are limited only by our minds, and we can choose to see ourselves as limitless.

The collection is available in ten colorways and includes:

Luxe Satin Bomber Jackets

• Bandeau Tops

• High-Waisted Leggings

• Women’s Lace-Up Canvas Sneakers

SKCreations, LLC’s mission is to provide high quality ready-to-wear apparel and accessories to those who desire to express their uniqueness, confidence, and love for creativity.


At its core, the brand’s values include positivity, beauty, creativity, diversity, and individuality.

SKCreations, LLC_Infinity 19 Athleisure Wear.jpg

Collection Inspiration

SKCreations, LLC is a luxury brand born from designer Sharon A. Keyser’s passion for textiles and vibrant colors.  The fashions are crafted from fabrics featuring the designer’s original artworks, emphasizing uniqueness and creative expression with themes that uplift in their message.  The brand’s collections include apparel and accessories, from dresses and activewear, to bucket hats and sneakers, with each product offering functional, timeless design.  Their mission is to help people look good and feel good about themselves.


The Sharon Keyser Collection

Women in general live very busy lives and we are usually the main caretakers of the people in them.  It is often hard to give ourselves the time and care that we need, but it is essential to our well-being.  We not only need it, we deserve it.  The message conveyed by this collection is self-indulgence.  There are times when you should allow yourself to have something that you enjoy, and when it is both elegant and comfortable, it will lift your spirits and you will feel beautiful.  

New Dawn Collection

The last few years have been difficult for everyone.  The pandemic changed our lives in numerous ways and caused much isolation.  The world as we knew it had essentially closed.  The end of the pandemic was liberating and felt like a new beginning.  It evoked the sense of a New Dawn with new possibilities.  This collection captures that spirit, packed with colors displayed in ways that depict movement and flow.  We are moving again, and feeling free. 

Infinity Collection

When I think of the word “infinity” I think of something that is limitless.  It has no bounds.  I strongly believe that creativity has no limits, and that this belief plays an important role in how we view life.  When we look at everything going on in the world, it would be easy to feel hopeless and stuck if you can’t imagine something better.  We are creative beings with “infinite” possibilities.  This collection celebrates that belief, which is why it is Activewear.  It conforms to the body and moves with you.  It isn’t restrictive, so you are able to move freely, to infinity.  The wearer should feel encouraged to allow themselves to dream, to find their light within and embrace it.  

Satin Bomber Jackets Collection

Everyone loves a bomber jacket, and their versatility is hard to match.  They can be worn as casual or dressy attire, and they never go out of style.  I chose to elevate this wardrobe staple by crafting it in a high gloss luxe satin, with original designs that have positive themes. 

SKCreations New Collection Preview
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