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Marble Surface


Marble Surface

About the Brand

E-talism logo, a circle representing the world, encloses the stylized image of Italy. This design reflects the company’s ambition: to export the Made in Italy, synonymous with quality and style, all around the world.

The “Talism” component reflects the richness of Italian tradition and excellence, while the prefix “E-“ symbolizes the adoption of contemporary digital tools and strategies. Together, these elements embody the fusion of the prestigious past and an innovative future, bringing Italian tradition info a new digital and global era.

E-talism's concept in the fashion world focuses on promoting Italian excellence and style abroad. 

This concept aims to combine the elegance and quality of world-renowned Italian design with contemporary trends, thus creating a bridge between Italy's historical grandeur and the needs and expectations of fashion’sfuture

 Must Haves E-Talism



Double-breasted trench coat with dual fastening for men and women.


Bands on the sleeves and welt pockets. 

Double front flap, belt loops at both men’s and women’s waist heights.


Center back vent and sash. 


Asymmetric double-breasted blazer with peak lapel closure.


Features jetted pockets and a geometric chest pocket near the lapel.


Center back vent. 

Collection Inspiration

The ‘Reborn’ collection emphasizes the concept of personal  rebirth, taking with it one’s wealth of experience, like a phoenix rising stronger from its ashes. 

The fabrics, soft and warm to the touch, are selected to create a tactile experience that conveys a sense of protection, enveloping the wearer in a sensation of well-being. 

The choice of shapes and volumes aims to convey a sense of imperturbability; the use of panels, overlays, and double-breasted closures helps to evoke the strength of this collection. 

The bands on the sleeves of the blazers represent armor, while in the dresses they depict the wings of the phoenix, emphasizing the theme of regeneration and growth.

 E-Talism Collection Preview
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