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Marble Surface
Italian Family Collection Video

Italian Family Collection Video

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Marble Surface

About the Brand

Revisiting a classic menswear staple keeping the cut, the rich fabrics and refined details unchanged is the major aspiration of the designer, who blends Made in Italy sartorial tradition with a unique product.The choice of the materials is a key factor that determines the quality and beauty of every Italian Family garment. For this reason, quality standards are extremely high, always ahead of the times and always on the hunt for innovative production techniques. Each product is a limited edition, all made in Italy and all made in Family.

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 Must Haves Italian Family
Ennio 1104A
  • Elastic waistband pants

  • Fabric: 99% CO, 1% EA ( 2 side digital print)

  • Lining: 100% CO

  • American front pockets

  • Front pinces

  • Edging back pockets

  • Elastic waistband

  • Contrast lining

Made in Italy