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Marble Surface
Orsola Mainardis Jewels Collection Video

Orsola Mainardis Jewels Collection Video

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Marble Surface

About the Brand

Orsola Mainardis was born and raised in the heart of Venice. For more than a decade she has been creating jewellery with crystal and glass beads from Murano. Her jewellery appeals to the refined taste of young women and elegant ladies alike. They find satisfaction in the clever colour combinations, astute choice of materials and the long experience she breathes into all the creations that bear her bench mark. Orsola Mainardis’ jewels tell the story of an ancient craft and speak of her long experience where every detail, placed with the utmost care, is faithful only to her inner idea of Art. Taste is the watchword! Each of her creations whispers to the feminine soul.  Her collections offer a wide range – going from the expertly designed and realised gala jewellery to more light-hearted fundamental articles. Constantly sensitive to the changing trends in the world of fashion, every piece of her jewellery expresses her artistic flair and unmistakable style. The avant-garde spirit of Venetian artist, Orsola Mainardis responds to this trend, seeking an answer with her models to the constant desire for Originality, Freshness, and the New

 Must Haves Orsola Mainardis

This lovely leather clutch has an eye - catching and intriguing jewelled handle. The exclusive model presents several  varieties of tones, each one with enchanting jewelled decorations; see and choose your favorite handle.

  • Colors: 

    • black - beige - bronze 

    • salmon pink - beige - light bronze

    • nude - beige - gold 

    • blue - light blue - beige

    • white - gold-beige

    • Nude - beige - gold