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Since two generations, ELLE DD has been a fashion reality, and its main purpose is to transmit its selected brands’ value. Through our counseling and commercial communication activities, we create a contact point between fashion demand and supply, and we increase brands’ reputation and notoriety, in order to expand their worldwide business. In fact, our mission is to transmit the authenticity of each brand, and, thanks to digital marketing, we are always in line with the new communication trends.

Luna Diana Diamante Pellegrini



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Luna Diana Diamante Pellegrini is ELLE DDs’ founder and CEO, and she has notable experience in the luxury and fashion commercial system. As a result of this experience, she decided to create her own fashion reality, formed by sophisticated brands, characterized by excellence and quality. ELLE DD aims to work in strong synergy with brands, offering its communication skills in order to produce structured commercial planning, essential to reach the brands’ goals, expand their horizons, and strengthen their reality. Our services include counselor activities in brand building and development, commercial communication, international buyers’ support in their purchases, and strategic development for the retail reality. All our services are always associated with the adoption of the most innovative technologies, and now available online with our ELLE DD platform. 

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